Our Brief History

The CSD Council was formally launched and incorporated in 2009. The CSDC grew and developed out of a series of prior individual projects that were funded by a creative informal alliance of North American companies and sponsors that were recruited for those specific projects.  The impact and success of these earlier projects created enough interest and momentum with the sponsors of those projects to encourage us to consider organizing a more formal and somewhat broader network of alliance members.

We now have the ability to provide ongoing annual financial and sponsorship commitment to support a minimum of 10 – 12 similar projects per year.  This support is almost always in the form of partial, like kind and installation donations from the CSDC alliance members to bring the cost of a project down to as little as 30% of what those projects typically would cost.  The balance of 30% – 50% is always the responsibility of the local organization that has applied for the support funding.

The CSDC alliance members are strategic companies, vendors  and sponsors that manufacture and/or supply critical and often expensive components & services for sports facilities.  In some instances, we have also been able to leverage these resources with local urban renewal, government grants, private donor funding  and/or sports lottery funds.

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