We Support Faith Based & Church Sports Projects



We believe that churches and mission outreach organizations have a unique place of influence and opportunity to reach the heartbeat of your community. If you have a desire and compassion to use sports and a community enrichment sports facilities as a creative “outside the box” approach to engaging and serving your community, then we would be very interested in hearing from you. A well planned and developed soccer, flag football, lacrosse , rugby, little league baseball and/or multi sports outreach has the potential to touch the lives of over 2000 people per week! Young athletes, parents, siblings and extended family members will all be drawn to your community sports outreach programs as you meet the tangible and critical need for all weather sports programs and facilities in your community. We also have a commitment to help fund and develop overseas mission and sports outreach centers that target at risk and low income communities that struggle with the oppressive burden of grinding poverty. We would love to do this in partnership with U.S. based NGO groups & churches.

A FINANCIALLY SUSTAINABLE MINISTRY AND OUTREACH. One of the more encouraging aspects of offering community sports facilities and programs to your community is that this type of an outreach can be 100% financially self sustaining. You can use the surplus property or a parking lot of your church campus to meet this critical need and engage kids and families from all across your city or town- low income and affluent alike. George Barna, Christian Demographic Researcher has recently observed that 78% of Americans in our culture are “highly resistant” to visiting or attending a “religious” building or service. Churches and faith-based groups that creatively serve needs and passions in your community will be well positioned to overcome this bias and develop true, long lasting friendships with those who otherwise have no interest in being involved with a church or faith based group.

DID YOU KNOW? This community outreach can be totally financially self sustaining. Indoor (year round) soccer – lacrosse – flag football – Rugby – field hockey – leagues can charge a very modest and reasonable fee to each team that joins the league and this alone will generate between $150,000 and $300,000 of annual net support revenue and income that can be applied to support your overall vision and mission to your city or town. One driving passion that the CSD Council has is to be used to encourage and empower the faith community to touch the lives of those families and kids that find themselves living on the margins, struggling with poverty, joblessness, health concerns and broken families. Having a Community Sports Enrichment Center can be an amazing tool to serve those that are in the most need.


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